M/s. Malnad Extraction Industries started with the Extraction of Edible Grade Rice Bran Oil, during 1981. After processing other oil cakes, company opted for Neem processing because of high demand for neem oil and de-oiled neem cake.
The Simple and Modest technology of the plant attracted the "Technology Mission on oil seeds" (T.M.O) Govt. of India,
It has deputed the following oil scientists, who visited and appreciated the simplicity, safety and quality of the plant.
Dr: A.K Vasishtha
Dr: Khanna
Dr: Mujumdar
Dr: Ramanathan

Mr. V.V .Rao

Dr: Mohammed Reza Alizadeh
Harcourt Butler Technological Institute
(H.B.T.I) Kanpur
Central Food Technological Research Institute(C.F.T.R.I) Mysore
Counsil of Scientific and Industrial Research
(C.S.I.R) New Delhi.
Technology Mission on Oil seeds
(T.M.O) New Delhi.
Ministry of Agriculture.
Iranian Agriculture Engineering Research Institute.
Skid mounted solvent extraction plant exported to Iran for Rice Bran Oil
Dr: Mohammed Reza Alizadeh &
Mr. M. Satyanarayana

Malnad Extraction Industries was set up in the year 1978. It started of as a small scale solvent extraction plant of 10TPD with Rice-Bran. The company moved into Neem oil production by 1980 and started marketing and promoting Neem products. The solvent plant saw its increase in capacity to 15TPD, 20 TPD and then 30TPD. By now the plant had undergone lots of design changes and finally a true economical small scale solvent extraction plant had evolved. In 1990 the company ventured into the fabrication and supply of Solvent Extraction plant. In the year 2000 the company started its work on Bio-Diesel. In 2003, the first Bio-Diesel plant was supplied to the IISc Bangalore. The company has so far supplied more than 10 Solvent Extraction plants and more than 25 Bio-Diesel plants of various capacities.
Malnad Extraction Industries is now equipped with a sophisticated modern work shop. It operates in a total area of 3 acres.

Work Force :

Jatropha seed decorticator

Bio-Diesel plant 1000 litres per day

Bio-Diesel plant fabrication

Bio-Diesel plant fabrication

Bio-Diesel lab setup

Malnad Extraction Industries has a state of art workshop floor for fabrication of the plants. The work force are well trained and experienced in fabricating equipments with mild steel as well as S.S. 304 metals. The team is well versed in fabricating equipments in S.S 304 which is considered very tough in the fabricating field. The work force with an average age of 35 has a good blend of experience and youth. This has worked in getting the equipments fabricated in time and delivered before the agreed timelines. The team has often delivered the plants even before the client are ready at their end repeatedly

Each plant is designed and custom built as per the requirement of the customer, raw material and capacity. The site at which the plant is being setup is also taken into consideration during the plant design. The designing section is equipped with C.A.D system and well experienced design experts. Keeping the basic essence of the plant intact, the supporting and peripheral systems are customised keping in mind the above design criteria's. The final design is arrived at after discussions with the technical team, if any, from the client end.
As per the direction from the design section, each plants are fabricated on engineering codes. The equipment's are tested thoroughly for pressure & vaccum, which it has to undergo later during the process. Mr. Satyanarayana himself is a approved competent person for oil extraction industries by chief inspector of factories, Govt of Karnataka. Under his expert guidance the equipments go through stringent quality checks before being handed over to the erection and commissioning team.
The entire plant will be erected at our site with the basic structure including piping, motor & pump's alignments, fixing of valves, flow indicators etc. The equipments and the structure will be painted with a basic red oxide coat and a first round of coloring with industrially accepted color codes.
The pipelines go through a hydraulic test to be free from fabrication and welding defects.
The parties/clients are invited to see their plant at the dispatch condition and their approval is obtained.
(a) Then the entire plant will be dismantled (in case of 20 & 30 T.P.D Plants) and dispatched.
(b) The plant is loaded to trucks and dispatched ( in case of below 10 T.P.D)
The company has a dedicated team having more than 20 years of experience in commissioning, trouble shooting and
stream lining of process. The team will train the operators and will hand over the plant.
The party/client can send his team of operators to "Malnad Extraction Industries, SHIMOGA" for training. Call for details

All the plants supplied are given a one year warranty. Call for details

As there are no moving parts, the plant is problem free. However our service team will reach the client site and attend the problems, if any subject to conditions Call for details