Bio Diesel plant 3000 litres per day
Bio-Diesel plants

Bio-Diesel manufacturing has gained national importance. With the oil crises looming large and threatening to hit the world economy, many countries are looking at Bio-Diesel as one of the viable options. India is not far behind and has drafted a national Bio-Diesel policy. The governments, both central and state, are coming up with new policies and programs to encourage the research in Bio-Diesel and spread awareness.

We are happy to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneers in supplying Bio-Diesel manufacturing units in India. We have supplied more than 25 units of various capacities across India. After gaining sufficient expertise in this field we have come out with standard Bio-Diesel packages that would fit the requirement of educational institutions. We are proud to have supplied such units to premier education institutes including the IIT and many other engineering and agricultural institutions. We have also supplied commercially viable units to many commercials organizations, government bodies like the Railways, and the Department of Science & Technology (DST) New Delhi among others.

With the growing public focus in this field backed by government funded programs, many educational and research institutions have come forward and setup Bio-Diesel units in their premises. The units are being used for their research based programs and educating the students.

Bio-Diesel journey so far: Malnad Extraction Industries started work on Bio-Diesel in the year 2000. It took up the challenge of Bio-Diesel coversion of Bio-Diesel from non-edible oils like karanaj (pongamia), fish oil, jatropha etc. The first plant was developed and supplied to IISc Bangalore.