S.S Bio-Diesel plant 1500 LPD- litres per day

S.S Bio-Diesel plant 150 LPD- litres per day

S.S Solvent Extraction plant 30TPD fabrication

S.S Bio-Diesel plant 150 LPD

Solvent Extraction and Bio-Diesel plants in Stainless Steel 304

About Promoter :
Mr. M. Satyanarayana, An Oil Technologist Fellow 147 (F.147) Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (I.I.C.T) Hyderabad. He is an Approved competent person by Chief Inspector of Factories, Govt. of Karnataka for SOLVENT EXTRACTION PLANTS. Vide No: PVPSMC / FAY / CR-05 / 03-04.

Mr. Satyanarayana has over 30 years of experience in the oil industry. He specializes in building low power consuming solvent and Bio-Diesel plants. He has the distinction of running a 20TPD solvent extraction plant for just 1.5 H.P power consumption. The central government of India had sent a team of scientists to study the plant.

Mr. Satyanarayana also works as a consultant for solvent extraction plants. He has renovated and altered a number of existing old solvent extraction plants and improved their power consumption and fuel efficiency.

He has devised a solvent recuperation unit for solvent recovery in solvent extraction plants. This equipment has brought down the solvent losses from 20 litres per ton of the oil cake charge to as low as 2-4 litres per ton oil cake charge.

With this background of solvent extraction, Mr. Satyanarayana has ventured into the Bio-Diesel manufacturing as well. He has devised plants both for research study purpose as well as commercial Bio-Diesel production plants. Being an oil technologist himself has helped in coming up with the best design for the Bio-Diesel plants. He has worked on a variety of oils and has successully converted them to Bio-Diesel. He specializes in Bio-Diesel production from high FFA non-edible oils which is considered very tough in the Bio-Diesel business. More than 25 Bio-Diesel plants have been supplied in India. The plants have been given to premier educational institutes like the IIT's & IISc; government sectors like the Indian Railways and agricultural research institutes as well as commercial setups like Bannari Ammar Sugars, Jain Irrigation systems and many more.

He has worked on Extraction of :
(A) Oils From : Rice bran, Groundnut, Sun flower, Soya, Caster, Coconut etc.,
(B) Oils From : Neem, Tamarind, Mango Kernel, Cashew, Mohva, Karanjia and other Forest seeds,
(C) Special Extracts Like : Azodirecthin from Neem seeds, Solensole from Tobacco waste, Caffiene from Tea waste.
(D) Aromatic Oils like : Citronella, Dhavana, Pacholi etc.,
(E) Manufacturing Unit for Bio-Diesel Production from non-edible oils

Designed and Developed New Energy Saving Low Investment Solvent Extraction Plant and Running Successfully at